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Head Injury Surgery In Meerut, Western UP

Let us learn about treatment of head injury and recovery after brain surgery for head injury from the best Neurosurgeon in Delhi, Meerut and western UP, Dr. Amit Bindal.

Seek immediate help for treatment for brain hematoma due to head injury, surgery for removal of brain clot, from the top Neurosurgeon in Delhi and Meerut, Dr. Amit Bindal at Bindal Brain and Spine Clinics, Meerut, who has more than 15 years of expertise in Brain surgery at affordable cost.

Treatment of Head Injury

Head injury is a highly dangerous condition that can occasionally be fatal, but if a patient receives the proper medications and care in a timely manner, they may recover from the consequences.

It is blamed for being one of the most frequent causes of disability and death in adults.

What is head injury?

In simple words any injury to head or Brain is called Head Injury.

A head injury can range in severity from mild to severe and can affect your scalp, skull, or brain. The symptoms of an injury may appear right away or take time to develop, and the effects could be temporary or permanent.

Head injuries can be either open or closed.

  • Open head injury: It occurs when any injury breaks your skull and scalp and enters your brain.
  • Closed head injury: It occurs when any injury doesn’t break your skull.

What are the various types of head injuries?

The following are a few examples of head injuries:

  • Concussion: A head injury that causes an instant loss of awareness or alertness and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.
  • Brain contusion: A head injury in which your brain has been bruised and small amounts of bleeding have caused swelling.
  • Skull fracture: A head injury in which your skull is cracked, and the broken skull bones can occasionally cut into your brain, resulting in bleeding and additional injuries.
  • Hematoma: A head injury where the blood gets collected inside the skull next to the brain or outside the skull under the scalp. It can take a few days or appear immediately.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: A head injury that does not result in bleeding but damages the brain cells, which can lead to permanent brain damage or even death, is the most dangerous one.

What is fracture of skull?

fracture of skull Sometimes due to injury our skull bone is fractured, known as fracture of skull.

If this fractured bone is depressed inside brain, it can cause brain damage. This is called Depressed fracture of skull.

A depressed fracture of skull bone usually requires surgery and repair.

What might cause a head injury?

Usually, head injuries can be associated with:

  • Falls
  • Physical assaults
  • Machine injury
  • Violence
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Sports-related accidents

What are the symptoms of a head injury?

You must get immediate support if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Head ache
  • Vomiting
  • Anger or confusion
  • Worsening of symptoms like headaches, nausea, or fatigue
  • Pupils that are bigger than normal or different sizes
  • Trouble in speaking
  • Trouble in walking
  • Breathing problems
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Drainage of bloody or clear fluids from the nose or ears
  • Weakness or numbness in the arms or legs

Usually the above symptoms go away in a few weeks, but if the damage is serious, they may remain longer.

Which doctor is ideal for the treatment of head injury?

A Neurosurgeon doctor is well trained to understand all the facets of head injury, along with its treatment with medicines or operation if required.

When is medical attention necessary for a head injury?

Don’t take head injuries lightly, you need to consult a doctor right away if you have suffered a head injury and have Head ache, Vomiting , seizures or loss of conscious.

How will your doctor determine the extent of a head injury? head injury

A Neurosurgeon is the doctor who is most suitable to diagnose any brain related problems and Head Injury.

CT scan of the brain is the most important investigation for the diagnosis of Head Injury.

Sometimes for the diagnosis of Diffuse Axonal Injury a MRI Scan may be necessary.

How can a head injury be prevented or avoided?

Even though head injuries are sometimes unavoidable, there are steps you can take to lower your risk:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Always wear a seat belt in a motor vehicle
  • Wear helmets while riding a bicycle, skateboard, or motorcycle
  • Avoid alcohol and drug use, especially when you are required to drive.
  • Keeping a close watch on children and elderly people for any injury
  • Wearing the appropriate protective gear at work or when participating in sports

What is the treatment of Head Injury?

Your doctor will determine the specific treatment for a head injury based on the severity of injury and condition of the patient.

Based on the severity of the injury, the treatment plan may include:

  • Cold compression
  • Take rest
  • Topical antibiotic ointment
  • Observation
  • Stitches
  • Immediate medical attention
  • Hospitalization for observation

Treatment of Head Injury with Medicines

The treatment includes some medicines to control brain swelling and medicines for the control of seizures.

Some patients who are comatose may need to be put on ventilator support.

Some patients with large brain contusions or with brain swelling may require brain surgery to decrease brain swelling.

Surgery for your head injury, Removal of hematoma from the brain

If the patient has a severe head injury, then they may require monitoring for increased intracranial pressure, which can lead to brain damage. To stop more harm to your brain, emergency surgery might be required. Brain surgery is required to relieve pressure.

Your doctor needs to do surgery for:

  • Skull repair
  • Removal of hematoma from the brain
  • The pressure in your skull should be released

Treatment of depressed fracture of skull

A depressed fracture of skull bone usually requires surgery and repair.

Recovery of head injury after treatment

What are the side effects of head injury?

The prognosis is based on how serious your damage is. Most people with minor head injuries don’t have any long-term effects.

Serious brain injuries may result in long-term changes to a person’s personality, physical capabilities, and mental ability to think.

Some patients may be comatose for a long period of time.

Our medical team will collaborate with you to make sure you recover completely.

What is the cost of surgery for a head injury?

Surgery for head injury, evacuation of hematoma, fracture of skull at affordable cost

We at Bindal Clinics believe in affordable health care for all.

Surgery for spine tumor at Bindal Clinics costs around 80,000 rupees to one lakh rupees.

In big corporate hospitals in India this type of surgery costs anywhere between 2.5 lakh rupees and go up to 5 lakh rupees

We operate with all the latest state of art gadgets like surgical Microscope, Endoscopic system, CUSA (cavitron ultrasonic aspirator), High Speed Drill system, neuronavigation etc.

Experience state-of-the-art treatment at Bindal Clinics, Meerut

We want the best for your brain and spine health here at the Bindal Clinics in Meerut.

Schedule a consultation to discuss more about the treatment of head injury, surgery for removal of brain clot with the best Neurosurgeon in Delhi and Meerut, Dr. Amit Bindal, who has more than 15 years of expertise in Brain surgery at affordable price.

best Neurosurgeon in Delhi

best Neurosurgeon in Delhi

head injury treatment in meerut

head injury treatment in meerut

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Head injury treatment, success story